Tyler Shultz

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Advertising Society Vector Logo Design

Ad Society, the professional Advertising group at the University of Florida, was looking to encourage new members with an exciting new hype video to showcase what the club has to offer. The club has not created a proper hype video since 2012 and I have set the stage for continued video and graphic improvements. I was also tasked with creating a hype video for advnt, a new student portfolio book.

Advertising Society Vector Logo Design

Ad Society Solution

I designed a fast-paced hype video in After Effects that showcases the best the club has to offer: professional networking, career building, trips and tours of advertising agencies, and hands-on experience. The video also highlights club directors and activities.

Advnt Solution

I designed a type-heavy and fast-paced video in After Effects that describes what Advnt wanted to become and encouraged donors to help make it happen. The video was well-received after being shown to a group of industry professionals and several helped us deliver edition one of the book. Advnt is now entering the development of its third edition and has grown significantly since my video work in the beginning.

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