Tyler Shultz

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Photos, Videos, and Awesomeness

Tyler Shultz Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

I’m always anxious to learn more, create more, and photograph more. I love hiking and getting outdoors, so most of my extra time consists of taking photos on my hikes. I also like designing when I have the time and below is some of my favorite photographs, side projects, and more.

Tyler Shultz Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Video Projects

KPAX News is a satirical news broadcast created by myself and Chris Paxman of Paxman Photography. I am responsible for all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production, which includes filming, set lighting, keying the green screen, and all editing. I also designed and animated all the graphics on screen in After Effects for every episode.



Bridge in the Forest
Twilight Photograph of a Barn
Sunset over the Forest
Flowing Canyon River
The Moon
Creek in the Forest
Victorian Building with Star Trails

Contact Me

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