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RedZone to EndZone Vector Logo Branding Design

I was tasked with bringing an audio podcast into the video realm with an entirely new brand identity to match. RedZone to EndZone reached out to me to help re-brand their podcast into a video production by designing animated graphics and running the video production of their show.

RedZone to EndZone Vector Logo Branding Design


I successfully re-branded RedZone to EndZone with a new vector logo, designed in Illustrator. To compliment the now logo, I designed intro graphics, lower-thirds graphics, and outro graphics in After Effects and keyed green-screen to add backgrounds to each episode of the show. Click here for the full series on YouTube.


Website Design

I ran all audio and video equipment, as well as managed lighting, during the filming of 67 episodes. The new video platform helped increase viewership from a few dozen to over 8,700 views. The new graphics and animations gave new life to the formerly audio podcast and encouraged further viewership.

Website Design

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